About Us

Rocky Flats Downwinders is a community organization founded in 2015 advocating on behalf of those impacted by living downwind from the former Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant near Arvada, Colorado. The organization came together through common concern about the high rate of illness suffered by former residents in the Arvada, Broomfield, Thornton and surrounding areas.

In 2015, we reached out to local universities for assistance in creating a health survey. We are now working with Metropolitan State University’s Integrative Health Program to distribute such a survey which first became available May 17, 2016. An updated survey was approved by MSU’s Internal Review Board April 10, 2017 and includes a larger geographical area and time frame. A working group comprised of professors from three of Colorado’s top universities, Metropolitan State University of  Denver, Colorado State University, and University of Colorado at Boulder as well as health care professionals, members of the scientific community and local community groups have provided advice on the survey design.

In April of 2017, Metropolitan State University of Denver revised its health survey of Rocky Flats Downwinders to include residents of the areas circumscribed by the boundaries of Highway 128/120th Avenue on the north, I-25 on the east, I-70 on the south, and Highway 93 on the west between 1952 and the present.