5/30/24 Arvada Press Plutonium found in Indiana Street air filters near Rocky Flats; Boulder Commissioners reconsider trail project

5/23/24 CBS Denver 7 Boulder County reconsidering involvement in trail connection to Rocky Flats due to plutonium concerns

1/9/24 Colorado environmental groups file federal lawsuit to halt Rocky Flats trail (

1/9/24 Colorado activists sue to block trail near former nuke facility (

1/9/24 Lawsuit aims to block trail through old Colorado nuclear site (

1/9/24 Colorado activists sue feds to block proposed trail near former nukes facility | Courthouse News Service

1/9/24 Advocates sue to block trail through Rocky Flats, citing ‘plutonium plume’ (

4/24/23 The Nuclear Legacy of Rocky Flats: Health, Contamination Concerns Linger (

10/22/22 Westword Broomfield Fires Back at Arvada, Jefferson County Lawsuit Over Jefferson Parkway

9/15/22 Four Years After the Rocky Flats Refuge Opened, Concerns Surface Over PFAS Contamination 

6/15/22 Westword Jefferson County and Arvada Sue Broomfield Over Jefferson Parkway

2/25/20 Westword Broomfield Could Put the Brakes on the Jefferson Parkway Tonight

2/25/20 9 News Broomfield intends to withdraw from the Jefferson Parkway Highway Authority

2/25/20 CBS 4 Broomfield Withdraws From Jefferson Parkway Project

2/11/20 CBS 4 Community Hopes Rocky Flats Health Survey Answers Questions

9/1/19 CBS 4 Plans for Jefferson Parkway Temporarily Shelved Following PU Testing 

8/18/19 ABC 7 Numerous Questions Surround Discovery of Plutonium in Rocky Flats Soil Sample

8/16/19 Denver Post Potential Hot Spot Found on the Eastern Edge of Rocky Flats 

8/16/19 ABC 7 Potential Hot Spot found on the Eastern Edge of Rocky Flats 

7/30/19 Westword The Grand Jury Files Have Gone Missing

7/31/19 HUFFINGTON POST US Government Can’t Find Files on Investigation into Nuclear Arms Plant 

7/18/19 CBS 4 Sisters Launch Study to Help Answer Questions about Young Breast Cancer

4/23/19 CBS 4 Jefferson Parkway Project Heard At Broomfield Meeting

4/9/19 Daily Camera Superior leaders support potential fracking opposition from Rocky Flats Stewardship Council

3/31/19 Man Submits 26-Page Paper On Plutonium Contamination Near Proposed Jefferson Parkway

1/10/19 Activists want details on 27-year-old criminal investigation into Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

11/1/18 FOX31 Oil and Gas Company want to Frack near Rocky Flats

6/15/18 The Denver Post After Decades of Secrets Rocky Flats Still Give Me Pause 

6/1/18 The Denver Post Jefferson County Health Chief: Keep Rocky Flats Closed or Prove its Safe 

6/25/18 The Arvada Press Rocky Flats: The Refuge with the Radioactive Past

5/31/18 The Daily Camera Top Jeffco Health Official Cast Doubt on Safety of Opening of Opening Wildlife Refuge 

10/18/17 The Metropolitan Mystery of the Flats: Study Raises Questions

10/1/17 CBS 4 Groups Rally to Keep Rocky Flats Closed 

8/21/17 Nuclear Hotseat Plutonium & Epilepsy? Rocky Flats Health SPOTLIGHT: Downwinders Tiffany Hansen & Dani Ball + Kristen Iversen NH #322

8/2017 CBS 4 Woman Tracking Epilepsy near Rocky Flats

8/2017 ABC 7 Epilepsy Cluster Discovered in Group Near Rocky Flats

7/10/2017 CBS 4 Rocky Flats: Colorado’s Nuclear Shadow

6/2017 HuffPost  Rocky Flats Made Nukes. Then It Made A Mess. Now It’s About To Become A Public Park.How clean is “clean enough” when your park is an old radioactive Superfund site?

7/2017 Fox 31 Denver Activists say moving prairie dogs to Rocky Flats could unearth plutonium

6/2017 Boulder WeeklBreach of trust? 

1/2017  Channel 7 CDPHE fails to include Thyroid Cancer and Rare Cancers as promised but instead Rocky Flats cancer study shows results ‘not significantly different than expected’

11/2016 Channel 4 Study: Residents Near Rocky Flats Experienced Unusual Illnesses

11/2016 Preliminary results from a Metropolitan State University study show residents who lived near the Rocky Flats Plant between 1952 and 1992 may have experienced unusual illnesses, including rare cancers and specific cancers linked to radiation exposure

News Stories on Preliminary Findings

Channel 7

Channel 9

Fox 31

Denver Post


Daily Camera

Metro State

“Watch Reporter Jeff Todd’s May 22, 2016 News story on CBS Channel 4 concerning Rocky Flats Downwinders.” :

To Read the Press Release for the May 17 Launch of the Metropolitan University of Denver Health Survey, click here.

To read our open letter to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) demanding action as a result of the preliminary findings of the health survey, click here.

To read our follow up letter to the CDPHE Dec. 12, 2006, click here.

5/2016 5280 Article Survey Attempts to Link Rocky Flats to Health Problems

A new survey led by a Metro State University researcher will examine the health of individuals who lived downwind from Rocky Flats.