Are you a Rocky Flats Downwinder?

 DOWN-WIND-ER: A person living downwind of a nuclear test site, weapons plant or reactor, where the risk from fallout or radiation leaks is greatest.

Are you a Rocky Flats Downwinder?

The Rocky Flats Plant operated from 1952 until 1989 as part of the United States’ nationwide nuclear weapons complex. The Rocky Flats facility manufactured plutonium trigger mechanisms for nuclear weapons from various radioactive and hazardous materials. Manufacturing activities, accidental industrial fires and spills, support activities, and waste management practices contaminated soil, sediment, groundwater and surface water with hazardous chemicals and radioactive constituents.

To participate in our Community Driven Health Survey of Rocky Flats Downwinders please click here.

We are incredibly grateful to Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) Colorado for endorsing our Community-driven Health Survey of Rocky Flats Downwinders, to better understand the health implications of living near Rocky Flats.

“Physicians for Social Responsibly (PSR) Colorado endorses the Rocky Flats Downwinders Community-driven Health Survey. PSR recognizes the past, present and future dangers to human health due to living, working and recreating in proximity to a current Superfund site and former plutonium trigger manufacturing facility for nuclear war heads”. PSR President-elect Sasha Stiles.

Rocky Flats Contamination Map

Boundaries of CO-7 on the north, I-25 on the east, I-70 on the south, and Highway 93 on the west for people who live(d), work(ed) and/or recreated in the gray area between 1952 and the present.

Summer 2021 Newsletter: Adopt-a-Road, Support Groups and Race to Cure Sarcoma!

Join Team Rocky Flats Downwinders as we Race to Cure Sarcoma, Aug. 28, 2021at 8am.


The Public Health Risk of Disturbing the Soil Along Indiana Street
for Jefferson Parkway Construction by Randy Stafford, Member
Jefferson Parkway Advisory Committee.


Rocky Flats Downwinders Meets with CDPHE’s new Executive Director, Jill Hunsaker Ryan joined by  Dr. Mark Johnson, head of Jefferson County Public Health Department, Dr. Sasha Stiles, Randy Stafford and Nick Hansen, Esq. (3/18/19)

In November 2016, Metropolitan State University released Preliminary Results of its Health Survey of Rocky Flats Downwinders. Data pertaining to illness was geoplotted on a map of the survey area. Two sourced maps of contamination from the plant in the form of radiation and fires were overlaid on the geoplotted data to identify possible correlation between illness and radiation exposure in the area.iii The results are anecdotal, compelling, non-conclusive.

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