More about Rocky Flats

This is a group of articles, videos, resources and other important information about Rocky Flats and key people involved in its history. 

Jon Lipski-Former FBI Agent that led the raid on Rocky Flats


West Word

5280 Article 


Wes McKinley -Foreman of the Grand Jury investigating Rocky Flats and author of Ambushed Grand Jury

Ambushed Grand Jury 

Kristen Iversen- Author of Full Body Burden: Growing up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats

Dr. Micheal Ketterer- Plutonium Expert/Soil Scientist 

Leroy Moore- long time Activist and Academic

Dark Circle- The Movie 

Dr. Carl Johnson- Director of Jefferson County Health Department

Dr. Michael “Iggy” Litaor, Soil Scientist video interview

Stephanie Malin and Becky Alexis-Martin Flatlining: Exploring hidden toxic landscapes and the embodiment of contamination at Rocky Flats 

Jeff Gipe- Artist of the Cold War Horse & son of a Rocky Flats Worker

Rocky Flats Glows

Rocky Flats Right to Know 

Candelas Glows 

Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship 

Fact Sheet 2017 

Rocky Flats research on adverse health effects –

Research on Adverse Health Effects Related to the Rocky Flats Plant

Rocky Flats Exposure Study 

CU Boulder Rocky Flats Archives 

Basic Radiation Articles:

Rocky Flats Specific Articles:

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