Check back for a Community Driven Health Survey

Rocky Flats Downwinders remains a dedicated advocate of advancing the research of health impacts of living Downwind of Rocky Flats.

In 2016, Metropolitan State University released a survey designed to better understand the health impacts of living near the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. Carol Jensen initiated the first of its kind health survey. In 2018, we were notified that Metropolitan State University would NOT continue our health survey. We were informed that due to the retirement of the Principal Investigator, the study has been suspended.

Despite our repeated requests, Jeff Helton, Chair of the Healthcare Management Program at Metro, chose NOT to appointment a new Principal Investigator.

Below is the map of the Boundaries of the original study.

If you were a resident of the areas circumscribed by the boundaries of Highway 7/168th/Arapahoe Avenue on the north, I-25 on the east, Colfax Avenue on the south, and Highway 93 on the west (see map) from 1952 to the present day Metropolitan State University invites you to take the health survey.

new boundries for health survey 2017

For the preliminary findings of the Metropolitan State University health survey released in November 2016, click here.