CDPHE fails to include Thyroid Cancer and Rare Cancers as promised but instead Rocky Flats cancer study shows results ‘not significantly different than expected’

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“Watch Reporter Jeff Todd’s November 18, 2016 News story on CBS Channel 4 regarding the preliminary findings of Metropolitan State University Health Survey”.

Preliminary results from a Metropolitan State University study show residents who lived near the Rocky Flats Plant between 1952 and 1992 may have experienced unusual illnesses, including specific cancers linked to radiation exposure.

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“Watch Reporter Jeff Todd’s May 22, 2016 News story on CBS Channel 4 concerning Rocky Flats Downwinders.” :

To Read the Press Release for the May 17 Launch of the Metropolitan University of Denver Health Survey, click here

May 5280 Article

Survey Attempts to Link Rocky Flats to Health Problems

A new survey led by a Metro State University researcher will examine the health of individuals who lived downwind from Rocky Flats.