Get Involved

 How to Volunteer with the Rocky Flats Downwinders 

The Rocky Flats Downwinders has been fortunate to have a group of wonderful, caring people like you involved in its organization and efforts. The way to truly make change is through collectively organizing and we welcome your participation. As a volunteer you can determine how your time is spent and how much time you give. As a volunteer based organization, we value your time and interest and are willing to work with you individually to ensure your time volunteering is both rewarding and enjoyable to you.

Rocky Flats Downwinders Organization Mission 

Our goals are to bring about awareness of Rocky Flats in order to educate the community, to sensitize medical professionals regarding potential adverse health effects suffered by Downwinders, and to obtain medical monitoring for Rocky Flats Downwinders, as well as inclusion under the Radiation and Exposure and Compensation Act (RECA).

Metropolitan State University of Denver Mission 

The university is committed to academic excellence and community partnerships through curriculum, teaching, scholarship and services designed to support an urban mission.

Mariah Master is the  Volunteer Coordinator for Metropolitan State University’s Integrative Healthcare Program. She is in charge of the volunteer efforts for the Rocky Flats Downwinders Health Survey project.

Please contact Mariah directly if you would like to get involved.