What is a Downwinder?

 DOWN-WIND-ER: A person living downwind of a nuclear test site, weapons plant or reactor, where the risk from fallout or radiation leaks is greatest.

Are you a Rocky Flats Downwinder? 

Rocky Flats Downwinders Holiday Newsletter 2017

Fact Sheet 2017

Board Member and former Arvada resident Denise Leonard speaks out about her family’s health crisis.

Watch Denise at the Capital at the Keep Rocky Flats Closed Rally

Meet the Apicella Boys.

apicella boys

 Current Open Health Surveys & Health Studies 

CSU is currently conducting a health study under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Malin. Please email stephanie.malin@colostate.edu to see if you meet the criteria. 

The Metropolitan State University of  Denver through its Integrative Health Department is conducting an ongoing Health Survey to collect data from former and current residents who reside near the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. This study has been recently been revised (updated 4/10/17). As of Fall 2017, the principle investigator of this study is now Dr. Bobbi Kite from Denver University. 

In late 2016, Metropolitan State University presented their initial findings to the public in community meetings. For the preliminary findings of the health survey, click here. 

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